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Hearing Aid Ear Mold Styles and Materials

All styles of ear molds available in a variety of styles and materials. 

Styles and Style numbers


24. Receiver in Canal / Thin Tube:


2. Skeleton:


3. Canal with concha lock: This mold is a modified canal shape. You can also see that a lower portion of the concha rim has been added for retention.

4. 1/2 Shell Canal:

5. Full Shell/5x Full Shell Glue in Tube:

    This style mold was created to hold tubing and offer a superior full seal. Please mark 5x on order form if a glued in tube is required.

6. Half Phantom- Semi Skeleton

 This mold style is a further reduction of the skeleton style mold. It would be ideal for fittings related to an external ear shape problem. 


8. Cross Mold Style A and Style B 

Materials and Colors: 

A. Satin Soft: soft vinyl plastic that can be used for most earmold styles. This material is excellent for children and higher gain hearing aid fittings. 

Color: Standard: Pink Tint

          Optional: Translucent tint, brown, veined, bright solid colors

B. Soft Canal: A combination of semi-soft canal molded onto an acrylic body providing comfort and seal

Color: Standard:Clear Lucite with Soft Canal

          Optional: Solid or Swirls

C. Ultra Soft: A semi-soft lucite material that will soften with body temperature.

   Color:Standard: Clear

            Optional: Solid or Swirls

E. Non Toxic:

    Color: Pink Lucite

    Optional: Clear Lucite

F. Silcone: A flexible silcone 

   Color: Standard: Beige w/ white canal

   Optional: Brown w/ white canal. Solid beige or brown

G. Marvel Soft:

    Color: Standard: Pink only vinyl

SP. Soft Poly

     Color: Standard: Opaque White Silcone

SPS. Soft Power Seal

      Color: Standard: Clear

      Optional: Solid or Swirls

JB. JB1000 The softest material, medical grade silcone.

     Color: Standard: Frosted Clear

               Optional: Solid or Swirls

Materials are available in a variety of colors, including swirls, glitter and glow in the dark. Contact your sales rep for more information.

As colors are custom mixed please be aware there may be variations.