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Hearing Protection

Custom Hearing Protection


ACS Pro Series Custom Earplugs

Our PRO sound attenuating filters reduce sound to safe levels rather than just blocking it out, and we have seven different filters available to provide you with the most appropriate level of noise reduction.


Shot Plugs

Shot-filled high pass designed for impulse control at low frequencies.


Catamaran Swim Plugs

Solid floating ear plug available with optional neck cord



Active Shooter Protection



Noise Braker

Made with Hocks Noise Braker® for impulse control at high frequencies

Hocks Noise Braker is a registered trademark of Hocks Corporation

Universal Hearing Protection


ACS Pacato Hearing Protectors

The Pacato is one of the most discreet universal-fit plugs available with a flush fitting filter that enables the plug to sit comfortably in the ear.



Active Shooter Protection

Instafit: Comes with 3 tip sizes