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P2i Water Resistant Technology

Audina Protects Hearing Aids with P2i Nano-coating Technology

  • Five times more durable than leading market competition.
  • Moisture, sweat and body oils can all contribute to hearing aid breakdown and failure.

How is P2i nano-coating technology applied?

The nano-coating is applied using a special pulsed ionized gas (plasma), the process bonds a nanoscopic polymer layer -- one thousand times thinner than a human hair -- to the hearing aid. This durable ultrathin fluoropolymer coating is applied to all internal and external components.

How does it work and help?

This high-tech coating system ensures that the sensitive electronic components are protected thus providing optimal durability and performance. P2i nano-coating dramatically lowers the product's liquid surface friction, so when humidity or sweat come into contact with a device, beads form and simply roll off.

P2i Product Test

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